Our Story


Paradis Perdus is a high end knitwear brand born out of the desire to create beautiful items that do not take a heavy toll on the planet. 

Created by French fashion industry veterans who have a deep love for design, we believe that high-end, sustainable items shouldn’t compromise on superb style.

Our mission is to create a concise collection of high-fashion pieces that are beautiful and better for the earth. 



Designers and consumers have the power to change things. Together we can carve out a better fashion industry. 

At PARADIS PERDUS, transparency is of utmost importance – we want our consumers to know each and every step of the garment-making process, from the origin of its threads to how it arrived at your doorstep. 

Through rigorous research, we’ve found the cleanest way to make garments without compromising on style. 

 The best way to do this? To use what we already have. Each item is made entirely from the finest recycled yarns available, and is certified and labeled 100% recycled. 

Other steps we’ve taken to reduce our impact:

Every piece in the collection is subject to a two-step verification by the Global Recycled Standard and REMOkey. The yarns are created from the stock of discarded sweaters that are taken apart, filtered by color and spun into new fiber. The thread for our labels, the paper used for our tags and the boxes we use, are also all recycled. We are partners of Carbonfund, Remokey and 1% For The Planet.We work with verified, certified and ethical suppliers in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

We will continue our mission to create designs that look good on you, and are also good for the planet.


The fashion industry has become extremely problematic and currently faces a critical moment.

Every year, tons of waste is generated and millions of discarded items are burned or disposed of in landfills. Greenwashing has also become a growing problem, with brands providing misleading information to their consumers. While people are often led to believe that their fashion is produced in an eco-conscious way, in reality, the production could be causing deforestation, water wastage and demanding carbon-heavy journeys. Just because an item is labeled ‘organic’, doesn’t mean it isn’t harming the environment in other ways...

Until the demand for unsustainable fashion stops, the industry will continue to harm our planet.