For a more sustainable fashion
1% for the Planet

With this partnership every purchase gives back to the planet, where businesses commit to giving 1% of gross sales each year to 1% for the Planet’s approved nonprofit partners through a variety of support. 1% for the Planet pairs businesses and individuals with our approved environmental nonprofits, creating high-impact partnerships that amplify the impact of their  members’ giving.

Carbon fund

Good margins should not be a company’s only goal. Reducing our carbon footprint counts more than we realize. In order to continue, economies must shift to a decarbonization pathway now. The Carbonfund helps us to calculate our carbon offset and ensure that we have zero carbon footprint -- a step in the right direction for using clean energy in the fashion industry, allowing us to help the environment and fight climate change.


The key to unlock textile sustainability, REMOkey ensures that every product is made out of 100% certified recycled materials, and allows the consumer full access to product information, journey and environmental savings with its custom QR-codes.


FABSCRAP endeavors to end commercial textile “waste” and maximize the value of unused fabric. It is a convenient and transparent recycling and reuse service, as well as an affordable and accessible materials resource. By educating and empowering a diverse community of changemakers, FABSCRAP gives back to those it serves. 

Eco Enclose

EcoEnclose offers eco-friendly packaging solutions to businesses and individuals. Their mission is to develop and offer the world's most sustainable ecommerce packaging solutions. They also aim to be an EcoAlly to forward thinking brands, helping them adopt eco-minded practices and supporting their success. Finally, EcoEnclose’s long-term goal is to be an “ecologically net positive” company by 2030.