regenerated fibers

Made in italy - 100% recycled


Rethinking fashion, with the planet in mind. We make beautiful, quality garments from materials that already exist. Gender neutral in design, our clothing offers both casual practicality and uniqueness. Made entirely from recycled fibers and with zero carbon emissions, our collection is designed to look good on you and the planet.


Bonjour and welcome to PARADIS PERDUS. French classic design intertwined with an urban, Brooklyn spirit. Modern yet timeless, our knitwear is made with artisanal expertise in Italy with love. Armed with great artistry and unique know-how, we entrust our partners in Italy with both the production of our yarns as well as our completed garments. Finished by hand, every detail is intricately finessed with great care and attention. We believe that high-end, sustainable items shouldn’t compromise on style, which is why we work with small-scale factories renown in their category.